A Meal Leads to a
Changed Life Off the Streets

Homelessness. Hunger. Addiction. Job loss.

Individually, none of us can solve these problems on our own, especially with the continuing effects of COVID-19 and the economic crisis.

But together we can do something about it.

“The average cost of a two-bedroom apartment in Snohomish County doubled between 2010 and 2019... At $1,889 per month, nearly half the county can’t afford the rent without being “cost burdened” — spending more than a third of income on housing and utilities.

“By that measure, you’d need an annual income of $76,000, or the equivalent of three minimum-wage jobs.” HeraldNet

Feb 6th, 2020

“The Snohomish County Human Services Department Tuesday announced the results of its Point-in-Time Count of people experiencing homelessness — and it showed that more people than ever are living without shelter.” Edmonds News

May 7th, 2019

A Meal Here is
More Than Food

A good, hot meal is often what brings someone into the Mission, and it doesn’t stop at food.

Being greeted warmly while coming into the dining room, you know you’re cared about. Someone asking about your day, and caring about your answer, while serving you a meal builds a relationship of trust.

When you trust the people around you, it’s easier to ask for the help you need to change your life and get off the streets for good.

Without meals, the chance to change lives, change our community, and share God’s love is gone.

Anyone CAN get off the streets

It’s tempting to think that people like Ron can never get off the streets and kick addiction.

“Pretty much everybody in my family is addicted to something,” he says. “I started smoking weed with my parents at 15 years old. That was our bonding. We would have smoke weed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

As you can imagine, Ron battled addiction his whole life. He’s been homeless since he was 22.

By all logical accounts, Ron should still be on the streets. He should still be addicted. . . or dead. But instead, he’s sober, and for the first time since he was 13, he’s stayed sober for 10 months.

All because he came to the Mission and God used friends like you to provide basic essentials like a hot, nourishing meal, a warm shower and a dry bed. Those essentials opened the door to our Genesis recovery program that Ron is in right now.

“This place has given me things that everybody takes for granted. A bed, a meal. Without the Mission, I wouldn't be sober. I’d be out under a bridge or on Broadway.”

People Change Here because friends like you give meals. Even just one $2.05 meal can be the start of a life no one ever thought was possible.

*Names and images changed to protect the privacy of our guests

It Starts with a Meal But Becomes More

  • Meals

    A healthy meal fills empty stomachs and is often what first brings someone to the Mission and builds positive relationships with our volunteers and staff.

  • Safe Shelter

    Every night someone has a safe place to sleep off the street is another opportunity to see the new life that’s possible.

  • Addiction Recovery Program

    Practice tools to overcome addiction can become a foundation to a life off the streets for good.

  • Job Training & Career Assistance

    Learning new skills, help with resumes and transportation assistance to interviews helps them earn a living wage and afford housing.

  • Life-Skills Classes

    Classes such as budgeting, money management and anger management help men and women have steady, consistent success as they start a new life.

  • Housing Assistance

    Traditional housing helps men and women begin to live independently as they begin to step out on their own.