The Meal You Give Can Lead to a CHANGED LIFE Off the Streets

Regular Guy, Falling on the Hardest Times

Dan's just a regular guy.

He was never on drugs. He doesn’t drink too much. He doesn’t have any mental health issues. He could have been your brother or your best friend. And still, he ended up facing a life on the streets.

He lost his landscaping job during the COVID shutdowns. He’d been scraping by to make ends meet, and didn’t have much savings. As his money ran out, he couch surfed, but eventually he knew he had to do something else. So he asked a friend to bring him to the Mission.

“I should have made the decision months before that,” said Dan.

Thanks to the gifts of friends like you, Dan got hot meals, safe shelter and help looking for a job. He applied for, and got, a job at a lumber factory, where he’s working now.

He’s been saving money and plans to move out as soon as he has enough saved up for an apartment.

People Change Here Because of You!

“I had gone through exhausting all my resources,” Dan says. “Without the Mission...I’d be on the streets.”

When you give another gift today you can change another life! Each $2.05 you give will provide a meal—which is often the start of a changed life, off the streets!

Addressing someone's hunger is the first step to change and to helping them get off the streets.

“I give to the Mission because I've seen with my own eyes how they show God's love and help every single person who walks in the door..”

— Mission Donor

“Every day, I wake up thankful to Jesus, and the Mission. Getting a meal here every day is like a miracle.”

— Mission guest

“I think I was one of the luckiest guys in the world because I got to come here. And this place changes people.”

— Mission guest

It Starts with a Meal But Becomes More