A Meal Leads to a Changed Life... Off the Streets

Homelessness, addiction and hunger are growing in our community.

But together we can do something about it.

“1,116 people were counted in this year’s annual survey, a 30 percent increase over 2018. And that’s the highest number recorded since 2012, according to figures released by Snohomish County Human Services...” HeraldNet

May 8th, 2019

“The Snohomish County Human Services Department Tuesday announced the results of its Point-in-Time Count of people experiencing homelessness — and it showed that more people than ever are living without shelter.” Edmonds News

May 7th, 2019

A Meal Here is More Than Food

A good, hot meal is often what brings someone into the Mission, and it doesn’t stop at food.

Being greeted warmly while coming into the dining room, you know you’re cared about. Someone asking about your day, and caring about your answer, while serving you a meal builds a relationship of trust.

When you trust the people around you, it’s easier to ask for the help you need to change your life and get off the streets for good.

Without meals, the chance to change lives, change our community, and share God’s love is gone.

How a Meal helped Maxine Move Off the Street

Before Maxine came to Everett Gospel Mission, she struggled with addiction. She had lost her job and her home. She lived in her car in a parking lot, sometimes going days without eating. “It’s horrible. You can’t sleep,” Maxine says. “All you’re thinking about is food 24/7.”

But as hungry as she was, Maxine hesitated to come to the Mission for one simple reason: she was scared. After years of being bullied and mistreated, she didn’t know if she could trust anyone – even people at the Mission. But thanks to donors like you, she discovered that people cared about her.

Maxine was given a healthy, delicious meal. It was served with kindness and sincerity, and allowed her to finally feel safe.

She began building relationships with her caseworker and other guests. The support and encouragement they gave helped her complete our recovery program and overcome her addiction. When she was ready, we helped guide her through the forms and steps to find housing she could afford.

“If it wasn’t for the Mission, I probably wouldn’t be alive right now,” Maxine says. “I was at my lowest... and the Mission is a beacon of hope.”

A Word from One of Our Cherished Donors

“The Mission is great for this community. I can’t even say how invaluable it is.”
– Mary Bickford